Turn-Key Hosted Solutions

Career Tech gives you access to pre-developed curriculum that is utilized within our partner institutions with proven results. Take advantage of our development processes and Subject Matter Experts to deliver new content in a cost effective, efficient, and timely manner.

  • Branded learning portal – customized company identity
  • Organized, intuitive layout – easy for students to follow and use
  • Structured lesson plans – each course contains all learning materials and activities structured sequentially.
  • Multi-modality learning experience – students are engaged in multiple activities that address varying learning styles; kinesthetic, aural, and visual. Activities include video presentations, simulation, reading assignments, exercises, assignments, quizzes and tests, discussions, and more.
  • Chat support – As students engage in learning, a link to live support services is available in the online classroom to get immediate help. For offline support, students can send a message using the built in message system.
  • Gradebook – students are able to view their gradebook in each course to monitor their progress as they complete the course.
  • Digital access to all resources – Everything the student needs to participate in and complete the course is provided in the online classroom. Books are available digitally as are all other course resources. Students do not have to purchase any additional resources.
  • High Quality, Up-to-date Content – Course content is continually updated to stay current with industry trends.
  • Collaborative content-driven learning – highly structured courses and lessons are supported by chats, surveys, messaging, forums, and more enabling student-student, student-teacher collaboration.