Course Development

CTS has been supporting the course development needs of institutions since 1995. We can build individual courses, certificate programs, and/or degree programs utilizing a combination of existing courses or content and integrating newly developed courses based on each institutions unique requirements. CTS is also highly experienced at helping institutions transition from current teaching methodologies or modalities to the use of emerging technologies and evolving educational trends. We can support transition from classroom to distance learning and assist in cost reduction strategies by leveraging alternative courseware innovations. In addition, CTS provides a wide range of support services to facilitate delivering student and instructional support.

Conversion of Content

If your goal is to convert a course currently delivered as instructor-led, classroom-based learning to an online learning platform, we can provide the resources to make the transition. In addition, online course content can be utilized in the classroom or as a fully online or blended learning delivery model.

New curriculum

Use pre-developed, off-the-shelf courses already developed by CTS or work with us to develop new curriculum. CTS utilizes the ADDIE model of curriculum development to ensure comprehensive coverage of the subject matter, and quality, intuitive, user-friendly design that appeals to various learning styles, and evaluation of outcomes.