Courseware Innovation

The movement towards lowering the cost of course delivery for the education community has rapidly expanded over the past few years offering significant benefits to both educational institutions and students. This movement was born out of the need to address the high and rising cost of commercially produced materials in order to reduce the cost of textbooks for students and the cost of delivery of education for the institution. This movement is revolutionizing higher education in that an alternative now exists to displace the stronghold of traditional textbook publishers and the associated high costs and limited flexibility of utilizing their materials. Open Educational Resources (OER) as well as other available resources, facilitate the reduction to the cost of delivery. As in any paradigm shift, there are lessons to be learned and experience to be gained.

Transition your courses

CTS has the experience to assist in making the transition from current higher cost, commercial textbook based courses to more affordable, custom designed courses by leveraging OER and other available online materials. Using our proven instructional design methodology, we provide an easy and affordable way to create engaging content that aligns seamlessly with your learning objectives, teaching style, and student needs, saving you and your students thousands of dollars. We will work with your faculty to define the course objectives and find low or no cost alternatives to the traditional published textbook.

  • Remove barriers to education
  • Save costs for institution
  • Save costs for students
  • Opens up more quality choices of content to students
  • More quickly respond to market needs
  • Access to quality peer-reviewed content