Home System Automation and Integration Subject Matter Expert

Posted 8 years ago


This course is one in a series of courses that comprise a curriculum that teaches students practical skills in designing, configuring, installing, and supporting Smart Home Technologies. 

The role of the Subject Matter Expert (SME) in this project is to review and update an existing course to cover new and emerging technologies in this field and to remove outdated and redundant content that is no longer relevant.  The SME will work with instructional designers to review, revise, update, and validate the content to ensure coverage of the knowledge and skills required of an entry level worker in this field.


  • Given the current course outline and syllabus, review the competency statements to ensure the performance levels expected of a reasonably diligent student upon completion of the course are clearly stated, current, and accurate, and revise, if necessary.
  • Review the prerequisite skills required in order to participate successfully in the course and update, if necessary.
  • Review the current lesson plan to identify content/topics that should be removed, updated, added and ensure the pedagogical order in which they should logically be delivered is sound.
  • Given a written copy of the current course content, review, revise, and edit to update to current knowledge, skills, and standards. Assist in identifying supplemental information, if necessary, that will support the knowledge and skills required for students to achieve the stated competencies and meet goals and objectives.
  • For any new topic areas, document the processes required for practitioners to perform given tasks.
  • Assist in updating exercises and assignments to practice and reinforce the knowledge/skills taught, enabling the student to gain competency in the subject.
  • Review and validate the methods to be used in demonstrating the competencies.
  • Review and revise quizzes and exams to measure and validate knowledge and skill acquisition.
  • May be required to participate in recording the demonstration of certain procedures where visual demonstration to teach topic is required.
  • Review and validate final version of the course to ensure the clarity, accuracy, and inclusiveness of the course content to achieve the stated program goals and objectives.
  • Adhere to defined schedule for deliverables.
  • Provide ongoing support in the maintenance of the subject matter.


  • Extensive knowledge of the content area with documented education and/or demonstrated experience.
  • Be proficient in the English language and be able to clearly express ideas verbally and in writing.
  • Organized in thought and process.
  • Self-driven.
  • Capacity to participate in project through to completion.

Time Commitment/Schedule:

To be discussed and mutually agreed upon by both parties.


The fee paid to the SME for the completion of this project will be $2500.  Payment will be advanced upon completion of the following deliverables:

  1. Course Outline/Syllabus – $500
  2. Updated course content/student manual – $1000
  3. Completion of remaining deliverables (exercises, assignments, project work, quizzes, exams, final review and sign-off) – $1000

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